Friday, March 6, 2009

I Don't Feel This Big

I've gottten several requests for belly shots, so here I am at 31 weeks. Not much to see frontwise:
Whoa! Where did that belly come from? I get a surprise every time I look in the mirror, but that's nothing compared to seeing the photo documentation. I still feel like me, even though I can't sleep on my back or belly. A couple of weeks ago I caught a few acquaintances giving my belly suspicious looks. Just in the past week or two the cats have started stepping on my belly as they climb over me. I can't see my feet very well any more, and I've stopped trying to zip up my winter coat (until last week I was able to zip it before lunch, but not after lunch). The t-shirt I'm wearing in these pictures is not a maternity shirt, which also makes me want to reconsider some of my wardrobe once the baby's born and I've lost the baby weight. I mean, if I can wear something while essentially 8 months pregnant, do I really want to wear it normally?

In all seriousness, we're very excited. Baby will be coming sooner rather than later!