Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flashback: 5th Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary in August this year even though the big date was June 28th. Why? Well, in preparation for moving, we basically had no time to celebrate such a big event. Of our final 8 weekends in San Diego, we were out of town visiting family for 6 or 7 of them. On our actual anniversary, Aaron was with his parents and brother, visiting his one surviving grandmother -- in fact, his sole surviving grandparent -- up in Washington state.

Of course, it was all worth it. And we got to go someplace new for our anniversary this year. I booked us a nice at a B&B in Door County, Wisconsin.
You say you've never heard of Door County? We hadn't either, but it's known as the Cap Cod of the Midwest. If you look at the state of Wisconsin, notice that it's shaped like a catcher's mit. Door County is the thumb. And it's beautiful. I can see why it's so popular for summer homes (and such expensive ones!).
The most important feature of the B&B was our isolated room with a whirlpool tub. The second most important feature was that they allowed pets in our room. We wanted to bring the cats because we'd only had Pickle for about 3 weeks at that point. And we have more fun when we're not worrying about them. We'd rather take pictures of them like this:
Here is a very contented Taco lounging over the fireplace.
Now, I haven't been to Cape Cod since I was ... 11? And I don't remember if they have all of the fun and bizarre sights that Door County does. Working dairies? A farm museum? Awesome pies and soft serve ice cream? Goats on the sod roof of a restaurant?
You read that right. Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay pastures goats on their sod roof from May to October. Apparently it started as a joke on Al's wedding day about 35 years ago, but it caused such a commotion and a rise in customers that Al kept them up! As you can see from this picture, the line for the restaurant is around the building.
In all, it was a wonderful anniversary. Thank you, Aaron, for making it so, and for making the past 5 years the happiest of my life! Let's go for 75 more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitten Teeth!

Our kitten, Pickle, is about 4 months old and our vet told us that he's teething. At his last visit she noticed that he'd already lost two teeth. My friend Nikki found one of her kitten's teeth and she said that kittens usually just swallow their teeth so you usually never see one. So I was not prepared when I found this on my desk chair last night:

It was so big I thought he'd lost one of his claws! I put it on ol' Abe there for reference.

Don't worry, Pickle is fine. He doesn't seem to want a frozen toy or washcloth to chew on, and is still tearing around the house, chasing his favorite toys (which includes our other cat, Taco).