Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitten Teeth!

Our kitten, Pickle, is about 4 months old and our vet told us that he's teething. At his last visit she noticed that he'd already lost two teeth. My friend Nikki found one of her kitten's teeth and she said that kittens usually just swallow their teeth so you usually never see one. So I was not prepared when I found this on my desk chair last night:

It was so big I thought he'd lost one of his claws! I put it on ol' Abe there for reference.

Don't worry, Pickle is fine. He doesn't seem to want a frozen toy or washcloth to chew on, and is still tearing around the house, chasing his favorite toys (which includes our other cat, Taco).


Mandy said...

This happened to Amanda! She found her kitten's teeth in their food bowl. Crazy!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, they are so tiny! I have to show Marlie, she'll flip :-)

KI said...

So adorable, Denise!!! Almost makes me want to go out and get my own little kitty (if I weren't allergic, I mean...) :-)