Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brewers vs. the Padres

Thursday was our first night at our new local ballpark. Aaron and I used to go to Petco several times a season -- we'd get standing-room-only tickets ($5 each) and then wander around the park during the game, taking in the view from different angles.
This time I suprised him with good seats (more than $5)! We were so close to the players that we could have caught a foul ball! I purposefully bought tickets for a nice that the Brewers were playing the Padres. Now, we're strictly hometown-team fans, but we were pretty happy when the Padres won. Aaron said, "After all, they've been a part of our hearts and minds for 8 years, we can't just expect that to go away." That's for sure. But we were still plenty happy when the Brewers won on Friday and Saturday. We'll see if they win today's game and take the series.
Link For some reason, all that sitting left us exhausted. I think you can tell how tired we felt in this picture. Next time we'll get cheap seats and wander around the standing-room areas like we used to.
I also finally got to witness the famous Sausage Races. There's nothing much to it -- people dress up in sausage outfits and race. It's not like watching the San Diego Chicken, but it's still pretty cool. Here you can see the Hot Dog is in the lead, with the Italian and Polish sausages behind. Unfortunately, Chorizo and Bratwurst are way back.
The Hot Dog won that night -- you can see he's got pretty good stats!


Kelly said...

Go Hot Dog!! I forgot to tell you that we went to a game last month and it was the Padres vs the Brewers!! It was really funny, of all the teams to play :-)

KI said...

Aw, sausage racing! :-) I have a feeling that deep down, you guys will always be Padres fans at heart ;-)