Saturday, December 6, 2008


I hate it when you can only communicate with someone via email. Here's what happens:

Me: Hey, I'm really interested in doing this thing. You're in charge of assigning people, so let me know what I can do.

Her: Great! I think there's something coming up real soon. I'll check with the others people, but we may be good to go.

*silence for 1 week*

Me: Just wanted to check in, is that assignment available?

Her: I thought you were assigned.

Me: Um, no. At least, no one told me.


Me: Hey there! Am I assigned?

Her: Hey, I'm attaching this document that will help you with your assignment.

Me: Thanks, that will be helpful. Once I actually have an assignment. Can you let me know when I'll be assigned?


Me: sigh