Friday, February 13, 2009


I wish I could remember what temperature it was last winter in San Diego when I pulled out my wool pea coat, scarf, and mittens. I suspect it was in the 40s or 50s, I know it was January because I was still working at my old university job. Our receptionist always laughed when I arrived in the morning because she had just returned from a winter trip to Germany.

I figured it would take me a full year to adjust to Milwaukee winters, but it ends up that I just needed a couple of arctic blasts. We had a major thaw this week with the warmest day getting up to 59 degrees. In San Diego I would have been pretty bundled up at that temperature -- at least a sweatshirt, probably a scarf and, in the evenings, maybe even fleece-lined jeans. Definitely socks.

What did I wear here? A t-shirt, thin cotton capris, and sandals. And it still seemed too hot!


Kelly said...

Oh my! It was in the low 40's tonight and I was (and still am!!) shivering!! So ahem, when do we get to see some pregnant Denise pictures???

Sandi said...

Does this mean you're now a polar bear? Brrrr.....

Sandi said...

D, there's a great weather site:

that has historical data by zip code. So I got geeky. For the UCSD zip code, in the first half of January 2008, low temps were mid-40's up to 52.9.

The latter half of January was significantly colder, averaging in the low 40's. The nadir? Jan. 31, 2008 - when the recorded low was 38.5 degrees.

Denise Schiller said...

Oh cool! OK, that makes me feel a little better about last year. After all, I was driving a car without a heater!
Although these days I'm willing to exercise outside if it's above 20 degrees!