Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Due Date!

Baby Schiller is due today, Cinco de Mayo! Hopefully it won't be too long now. I'm doing really well, just feeling impatient to finally meet my baby.
Here's the latest picture of me, technically at 39.5 weeks:
I spent a lot of time walking last week to make sure I stay active and to encourage the baby to descend. This caused some concern with some semi-strangers I saw. Now, let me say that as much as I miss my friends in California and the West coast in general, one benefit of not seeing co-workers and friends regularly is I don't hear comments like, "You're HUGE!" and "Wow, haven't you had that baby yet?" (of course, none of my dear friends who read this blog would say those things anyway, right?). ;) However, on Friday, I went out walking and ran into an elderly woman who lives in our building. She took one look at me, laughed, and said, "Oh, bless your heart!" Then we went to the hardware store and an elderly man who works there said, "Get this woman a wheelchair!" I actually thought it was pretty funny. Milwaukee's elderly are concerned!

Now, I've managed to avoid putting cute kitty pictures on this blog of a couple of posts, so I think I'm overdue. How's this for an adorable pic of two of my boys?

And I'm happy to say that my parents have made it to Wisconsin, safe and sound. They brought a ton of baby stuff with them. Here is my father, trying to tell Taco that the stroller is not his new bed.


Kelly said...

Denise, you look great! I hope baby boy makes his appearance soon. I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

KI said...

You are the glowing-est pregnant lady! Love the picture of your dad scolding Taco :-) So excited to see Baby Schiller!

Mandy said...

Oh Denise, you were such a cute pregnant lady!! :)